Pilates Classes

Introductory Pilates:
Learn to apply the principles and movements of the STOTT PILATES method in order to correctly develop and strengthen the core of the body. Unless approved by the Studio, this private session is a prerequisite to the Pilates Mat, Ball and Reformer classes.
Pilates movements performed in various positions on the floor. Small equipment may be incorporated to further challenge the core and supporting postural muscles. Class size is limited to eight.
Pilates on the Ball:
Incorporates the stability ball with Pilates Mat exercises.
This class uses the patented STOTT PILATES spring-tensioned reformer. The reformer improves joint mobility and flexibility, and increases resistance beyond body weight and gravity. This class offers you more focused time with your instructor as class size is limited to four.
A strength training class incorporating the stabilization principles of Pilates. A high repetition, low weight class using lightweight barbells with adjustable plates and lightweight dumbbells.

Monkey Gym

For course description, please see Monkey Gym link.

Posture & Stretch Therapy (PST)

For course description, please see Posture & Stretch Therapy link.

Class Etiquette

Dress should be comfortable. Wear non-restrictive clothing and avoid accessories that could impede your movement. Classes and sessions are all barefoot or with socks.
Cell Phones:
Please help us maintain a peaceful environment by turning off your cell phone before entering the studio.
We are a fragrance-free studio. Please avoid wearing perfumes, scented lotions, deodorants, scented hair products, etc..