Monkey Gym

The StudioMonkey Gym is an excellent way to become ‘whole-body’ strong, agile, lean, and more fit. The emphasis is functional strength; this term means strength you can use in real-world, daily life activities.

You will learn core (trunk) and glute activation, accurate knee/ankle tracking and arch/foot alignment, how to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles and other stabilizers of the shoulders, how to improve grip strength and any other muscles that are relatively weak or inactive. This makes later whole-body work easier and safer. Monkey Gym features advanced high-intensity techniques, yet is perfectly suited for beginners.

You will learn how to do chinups, and how to climb a rope, and, in time, how to use the Roman rings, as well as the best whole-body strengthening exercises for the legs, hips and trunk. Our goal is to help you maximise your power-to-weight ratio. This course is equally suitable for men and women.