Session Dates & Policies


Tuition due by:

June 9, 2017
for Session June 26 – July 21

July 7, 2017
for Session July 24 – August 18

August 4
for Session August 21 – September 29
(Studio Closed August 28 – September 8)

September 15
for Session October 2 – October 27

  • Please note that tuition is due by the second Friday of every session for the following session.
  • If you have not paid tuition by the due date, your space in class is not guaranteed.
  • If you need to make any changes to your class schedule (i.e., drop a class, change times), please do so by the same day tuition is due out of respect for others on the waiting list. Thank you.
  • Sessions are not pro-rated unless joining a class mid-session.  Yes, you may join a class anytime during a session.
  • Missed classes do not carry over into the following session and are not refunded.

Cancellation / Make-up Policy

  • Missed classes may be made up if canceled with twelve hour notice and depending upon space availability.
  • Space availability is not guaranteed.
  • There is no expiration date on make-ups. You may take as long as you like, however you need to be a current paying member of the Pilates Studio in order to complete make-ups. Once you have left the studio, any existing make-ups become void and will not apply in the future.
  • Make-ups cannot be transferred to other classes or clients.
  • No-shows cannot be made up.