What is Pilates?

The StudioThe Pilates tradition began in the early 20th century through the groundbreaking work of Joseph Pilates. A gentle, non-impacting method of exercise, Pilates blends eastern and western philosophies of movement focusing on precision, concentration and control. Pilates addresses postural strength, flexibility, alignment and coordination through the strengthening of both the mobilizing and the stabilizing muscles within the pelvic and spinal region. Being aware and mindful of these muscles and their use during movement is the beginning of a thinking person’s exercise.


STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary, anatomically-based approach to Joseph Pilates’ original exercises. Current exercise principles are incorporated in the STOTT PILATES® method, including modern understandings of spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement. With a better understanding of biomechanics, STOTT PILATES® can modify the moves, breaking them down into smaller pieces for safer, more effective exercise.

Why Pilates?

PilatesDeskWe tend to move our bodies unconsciously through life, unaware of possibly developing unhealthy patterns and postural misalignments. Our professions, our recreations, and our exercise activities may promote repetitive movement which, in turn, may NOT promote muscular balance or flexibility. To correct these unhealthy patterns, Pilates teaches the language of movement and encourages body awareness during everyday activities.

Pilates is also an excellent choice for post-rehabilitation. For people who have injuries, we require consultation before enrolling in group classes.