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I have been in PST 12 for years.   Amazingly every class is different.  New exercises, new modalities, always client focused!!!

Kathy H.

Maria and Geoffrey are exceptionally talented and experienced teachers of Pilates and related body disciplines. They closely attend to each student’s individual needs while encouraging appropriate modifications or intensifications. As someone who continues to deal with the aftermath of preexisting injuries, I have complete trust that their approach will help me stay safe. I am becoming stronger, more flexible, and able to move with greater ease as a result of their classes!    Lori R.

I have been connected to The Pilates Studio of Bellingham  for many years – both with the in-person classes –[before Covid] and now with the Zoom sessions twice weekly since 2020.   Maria and Geoffrey are very  attuned to their clients’ personal needs.  They provide clear instructions so that each person can perform the movements according to the individual’s ability to do so without pain. They also provide a nurturing community where I feel cared for – both physically but also emotionally. If you care about your body and your ability to move and to enjoy life, I highly recommend being a part of the Pilates Studio  community.


I enjoy the body awareness that the Pilates Studio classes have taught me. Along with the awareness, I have gained strength and flexibility which gives me the  confidence to be active.   I play Pickleball regularly and keep up with my grandchildren on bikes and swimming in the lake without worry of injury.


Maria and Geoffrey have guided me in stretches which have relieved tension that I was holding from a previous surgery.  Plus, the reformer class has empowered me by strengthening my whole body.  I love going to class!

Rebecca E.

In almost 10 years with the studio, they’ve helped me become a true inhabitant of my body, and helped me elevate my strength and endurance immensely, so as to fully enjoy, and participate in, my senior years…

Larry WB.

Some of my favorite things...Maria and Geoffrey's studio is such a special place. From the moment you walk through the door you feel safe, welcomed and inspired!"  Carrie G.

For the past 7 years Maria and Geoffrey's expertise has saved my body and awakened my soul. Pilates to them is the whole body. They teach, they observe, and they listen to the assorted individual needs and then personalize their instruction. Put simply, they sincerely care about people and helping them care for their bodies.  What more could you ask for?  Annette B

This is my favorite Pilates studio of all time!  Geoffrey and Maria are so knowledgeable and courteous. I can’t account for the benefits I’ve seen by coming to this studio or praise them highly enough!   Rebecca S.

As a retired physical therapist I can say that Maria and Geoffrey’s understanding of anatomy and body mechanics is spot on.”


Diane W.

“I’ve been a client at the Pilates Studio for 17 years and just love it!  The warm and welcoming environment, the personal attention when I have questions, the core-building exercises, the stretches for managing tight muscles and maintaining good posture — it has all been a vital part of my personal health regimen.  The Pilates Studio is not just a place to exercise.  Maria and Geoffrey also share their vast knowledge of the human body, so their clients understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.  Every class member at the studio appreciates their patience, kindness and desire to help.  We may all be at different fitness levels or managing different old injuries, but they patiently work with us right where we’re at.  The Pilates Studio truly offers a unique approach to supporting good health unlike any other.” Ruby H.

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