The Pilates Studio of Bellingham POLICIES


  • Please bring your own personal mat to PST, PowerPump!, Monkey Gym and Mat classes.

  • Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and avoid accessories that could impede your movement. 

  • No shoes inside the studio.  Bare feet, socks or inside shoes are ok.

  • Please help us maintain a peaceful and mindful environment by turning off your cell phone before entering the studio. 

  • We are a fragrance-free studio. Please avoid wearing perfumes, deodorants, scented lotions, and hair products.


  • Tuition includes 4 weeks of classes .

  • Tuition is due the second Friday  of every session for the  next 4 week session.

  • To  guarantee your space  in class, tuition must be paid by the tuition due date. 

  • For any changes in your class schedule (drop a class, time change), please do so by the same day tuition is due out of respect for others on the waiting list. 

  • Sessions are not pro-rated unless joining a class mid-session. You may join a class anytime during a session.



  • Missed classes may be made up if canceled with 12 hour notice and depending on space availability. 

  • Space availability is not guaranteed.

  • There is no expiration date on make-ups as long as you are currently enrolled in the class.  Once you have dis-enrolled from the class, any existing make-ups become void and do not apply in the future.

  • Make-ups cannot be transferred to other classes or clients.

  • No-shows (missed classes without 12 hours notice) cannot be made up.

The Pilates Studio of Bellingham Tuition for 4 Week Session

Private Intro Session*

1 X Week

2 X Week

Single Class


$65                 $40           $80          $15


$65                 $66         $132          $20


                       $51         $102          $20
No Intro

Monkey Gym

$65                 $40           $80         $20


$65                 $40           $80         $20

*Private Introduction Session by Appointment.

GIFT CERTIFICATES can be purchased for any value and be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.  Inquire at the Studio