Vitality begins with a wholistic approach...

The Pilates Studio of Bellingham offers Mat and Reformer Pilates, Posture & Stretch Therapy, Monkey Gym, and PowerPump! classes. We believe that the foundation for physical vitality includes the mind and body, and is not limited to one form of movement. We provide an environment in which the body is strengthened through Pilates, conditioned through Monkey Gym, nourished through stretch, and where the mind is both present and engaged.

Where do you begin?  Please contact Maria or Geoffrey to discover your own wholistic approach towards vitality.

Pain-free movement is essential for all aspects of health, well being and happiness.  The Pilates Studio of Bellingham can guide you to help yourself confidently return to activities you love, at home and outdoors and regain the life that you deserve.

healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit.

Our Classes

What is Mat and Reformer Pilates? How about Monkey Gym and Posture & Stretch Therapy? 

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