A special extended FUSION class


in-person or on the Zoom platform (on land & online!).  

Spaces are limited in both venues.

**A recording of the class will be available to all registrants for 10 days!  Please note:  You are welcome to register even if you are not able to attend the live/livestream class...You will still receive the recording for 10 days! 



Date:  Sunday, September 18, 2022

Time:  9:00 am - 11:15 am 

Fee: $40


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If you are new to Somatics, please scroll down and take a peek at the descriptions below


1.  The Pilates Studio of Bellingham, 907 Harris Ave., suite 201 (in-person.  Please see below for Covid policies)

2.  Online livestream/Zoom.  You will need the Zoom app, which is free, https://zoom.us/download

Fee: $40 

(includes a class recording available for 10 days) 

If the fee does not fit your budget due to pandemic strains, please do reach out to us.  

No one will be turned away.


 + To register, please respond to this email.  Once payment is received, your place in class is then guaranteed.  Space is limited in both venues.

 + No refunds or credits will be possible, so please ensure that the date and time do work for you.  

 + Checks/Cash only please.  Please make checks payable to The Pilates Studio of Bellingham and mail to 907 Harris Ave., suite 201, Bellingham, WA 98225.  

+ You are welcome to still register even if you are not able to attend the live/livestream class.  You will still receive the recording for 10 days.  

**For in-person participants, our Covid policy for attendance in our studio space is:

- All attendees must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 with the appropriate two week window following last shot.

- If you have not been in our studio space since we re-opened in October, you will need to have proof of vaccination. 

- Out of an abundance of care for us all, we are still requiring masks to be worn and must be N95 (NIOSH certified), KN95, or KF94 masks.  No cloth or surgical masks at this time.  Thank you. 




- The profound practice of Somatics (“Soma,” ancient Greek origin meaning “body”), offers very gentle mindful movements to address the subconscious ways we react to life’s stressors, injuries, and habitual movement patterns and store them in our body, all of which show up as pain, stiffness, and muscular tension.


 - These slow movements are ideal for releasing pain, unwinding places of held tension and chronic stress, addressing postural imbalances, and helping increase body (Soma) awareness so it can self-heal.

- Ease of movement is restored through brain-to-muscle re-education.


The Science & Biology behind Somatics:

The brain controls how our muscles contract and relax.  And when we experience injuries, stressors (yes, even emotional), and repetitive activities, our brains learn how to contract muscles over and over, without releasing them to their true resting length.


The result is Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA). 

  • SMA is the root cause of most chronic muscular pain.  


  • The sensory motor cortex has lost clear neurological control of how your body functions, resulting in tension patterns that cause pain and “aging”.  In other words, the brain has lost the ability to relax tight, contracted muscles that are functioning on “cruise control” and how to properly engage the appropriate muscles needed for optimal, free movement.  


  • The brain even forgets which muscles are involved in the pain. 


  • So the muscles stay contracted and we feel muscular pain even when we think we are “relaxing.”


  • It's not your age, it's your brain.  Aches, pains, and lack of mobility are not typically the result of age, but rather the nature of your habits, which then get installed and "normalized" in your brain.  Fortunately, we are blessed with an amazing nervous system that wants to find peace, ease, and balance.  And we have brains that are "plastic" which means they can change at any age.

 With Somatics, we are not stretching muscles, but rather utilizing a technique called “pandiculation” to help re-pattern or restore muscles to their optimal resting length. 

The benefits of Somatics are cumulative. Each time you practice, you will be reinforcing the new neuropathways that will bring you out of pain and into greater freedom of movement.


“Through mindful movement, with the attitude of exploration and curiosity, we reconnect with the abandoned parts of ourselves to become whole again.” -James Knight




Come explore your Soma from the deepest levels, offering attention to the sensory & motor nervous system and to the core muscles that provide support for your body.  


In this spirit, you are warmly invited and most welcome to join us for this progressive, embodied practice of mindful movement.

With love, deep caring, and appreciation,

Maria & Geoffrey 


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